Mary Hovancsek unleashed her genuine aptitudes when she left John Carroll University, with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology in hand, to attended Virginia Marti College of Art and Design. Originally preparing to pursue law and pass the bar examination, Mary endured a rigorous education in design and several artistically challenging applied mentor-ships. This led her to pass the equivalent, the National Council for Interior Design Qualifications exam.


After she spent years maturing in her craft, Mary developed a distinct philosophy. MH Interior Design combines her astonishing creative abilities with the classic fundamental elements of design. Mary believes that a space cannot be beautiful without function, aesthetics is just as important in the balance, and that each finished creation should reflect each client’s individuality.


Other than design, Mary lives for the experience of mothering her four young children, enjoys tending to her herb and flower garden with her two canines at her ankles, is happily married to a talented local carpenter and contractor, Gary, and is notably involved in English horseback riding.


Mary excels in creativity and relishes in experiencing a beautiful life. Her mission is that each client is better equip to do the same through the firm she independently founded—MH Interior Design.


Amy Lynn Davis, an interior designer and consultant, obtained her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design Technology from Purdue University. Shortly after graduation she began building her practice in the Cleveland area. She first worked at Virginia Tile where she assisted clients in selecting only the most aesthetically pleasing and quality materials to cachet a variety of interior spaces. Through her authentic talent for crafting client-attentive visions, Amy was recruited by Mary Hovanscek to become a design associate of MH Interior Design.


Amy’s mission in her practice is to ensure that each individual client’s vision is received and realized. Amy takes what is imagined and exceeds expectations by creating rooms that are ready to be called home, spaces that awaken the talents of their visitors, and places that entertain with beauty and functionality. 


When she’s not designing, you can find Amy hiking with her dog, Matilda, in the Cuyahoga National Park, building herself a taco at Barrio with girlfriends, harvesting vegetables and herbs in her backyard garden with her partner, Ken, or catching a plane to anywhere to explore modern or historic interior and exterior spaces that rouse new facets of her designs.  


Ashley Paul obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from Kent State University, and gained five years of commercial design and two years of sales experience before becoming an interior designer and consultant for MH Interior Designs. As a commercial designer, she specialized in office spaces, restaurants, and hotels. Her work as a saleswoman allowed a focus in commercial furniture.

Ashley practices Modern Transitional Design by sprinkling statement pieces, heirlooms, investment items, and articles that will last a lifetime into a space to create timelessness. Her desire is for each client to feel good in their space, for their rooms and their home in its entirety to reflect who they are. In addition to thriving in developing client relationships, Ashley enjoys the relational elements of construction details and the drawing time interior design offers.

 On her off hours, Ashley puts her talents into practice by renovating her 1920s Cape Cod room by room. She also plays guitar and sings a mix of soft, classic, and modern-alternative rock. She weight lifts, and relaxes with Hot Yoga and by indulging in any good Netflix show



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